Reviews about Rhino-correct

  • Mariana
    Ordered arrived very quickly. At first I didn't believe it also that will help me.To order, just "play", but in the end took care of the nose, potatoes for 2 months! Thanks rhino-correct!
  • Elena
    Very creepy to me wound my long nose! The process of recording what I want already, but the man is talented rhino-correct. He straightened the nose was really short due to the fact that end up. Class!
  • Floarea
    My daughter cried and cried because hump nose. Teasing her to school in a classroom and he refused. For transactions he's still young, so decided to try rhino-correct. The nose was more elegant, girl, I'm so glad!
  • Maria
    I'm so scared, plastic surgeons and general operations. But bless me nose. I saw this ad rhino-correct decided to try an order. The package arrived quickly. The nose was prominent, it's already 2 weeks!
  • Viorica
    I would recommend rhino-correct because he helped me to get rid of a terrible hump nose! Lastly I started paying attention to me and men look excellent! Thank you!
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