Corrective nose - Rhinoplasty without surgery

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Corrector Rhino-correct

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If you want to get corrective nose without rhinoplasty surgery you must visit the official website and fill out an order form. Necessarily your name and telephone consultative application and design upon request for delivery address and order confirmation. An hour later, the call manager with the company

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How to buy in Cluj Rhino-correct

Rhino-correct - Hit sales in Cluj, Romania

This device, which helps correct The Shape of the nose. Fabric stretched over the cartilage of his nose, slowly month 1-2 mm, therefore, the device to be corrected to be worn to The Shape of the nose 3-4 times a week.

Safe concealer is comprised entirely of silicone. Supersoft comfortable and harmless silicone cushion is comfortable to wear.

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Reviews about Rhino-correct in Cluj

  • Floarea
    My daughter cried and cried because hump nose. Teasing her to school in a classroom and he refused. For transactions he's still young, so decided to try rhino-correct. The nose was more elegant, girl, I'm so glad!