Instructions for use Rhino-correct

Correction of the nose how it is used. Rhino-correct?

Corrective nose - rhinoplasty without surgery Rhino-correct very easy to use. Numerous clinical testing, of course, this product that gives visible results in a short time. Order through the official website Romania. Each pack have the instructions for use. In effect, when you are applying for Rhino-correct instructions for use for the best should stick.

Rhino-correct application Statement
  • Concealer wear the nose - rhinoplasty without surgery 3-4 times a week.
  • 15 minutes a day is enough for a visible result
  • Already a month use you will notice a change

The right of concealer fixes the shape of your nose. For crimping two ends of the silicone pads, comfortable to wear is comfortable for them. Flat and concave chisels, versatile, any nose shape. Pressure on the device through the nose cartilage, the shape narrows.

Indications and contraindications

Nose his nose is designed for the type of people who used corrective. Long-term use, which may be visible red spots, but they can be done very quickly. Friction and this result is perfectly acceptable. Concealer does not affect breathing and safe. Consult your doctor before using product if nasal trauma.